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  1. İdealsas
    Fulya Ayşe Nurgün

    Whenever we want, İdealsas were ready to help us in any way…

  2. Whenever we want, İdealsas were ready to help us in any way…

    I could not love Malta and the education which was given by Chamber College more...!


    I would like to start the people how pretty and hospitalty to students. They were pretty kindly when we had even a huge problem. I never felt like a foreign person.



    I spent just 6 months but it did not take ages to me. If I stand on the education, I can say a lot of things about that.

    One of them is, all teacher's patience it was unimaginable..!

    If student does not understand something, they can explain even after the lesson, during the our break time.

    Even though they don't have to explain out of the lessons..


    On the other hand, I would like to give a huge thank İdealsas to accommodation. Whenever we want, 

    they were ready to help us in any way. It appreciated..


    Also, I started with Pre-int. Level, before I left I was Upper-int. Passing 3 hardest level was not easy 

    but I succeed.


    Everyone can do that.. If I had a chance, I could have gone again without thinking.


    All the best compliments for them. Many thanks for all helps and kindly behaviors...




    Fulya Ayşe NURGÜN

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